Highlights from a year of creativity

Highlights from a year of creativity
April 17, 2013 Beth Nyland

One year ago this week, I reopened Spencer Grace—my creative business communications agency. To mark this milestone, I’m taking a few moments to celebrate the clients who have trusted my words and wisdom, the partners who have met our shared challenges with genius, and the friends and family who encourage and stimulate my creativity every day.

Among the highlights of this past year …

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  • Helping former co-workers express & deliver ideas Helping former co-workers express & deliver ideas On Spencer Grace’s opening day, a Unilever colleague called, enlisting my help to plan, write, and create captivating visuals for a high-profile, high-stakes presentation. Why start slow? Spencer Grace was off and running. I have done several projects for Unilever and Unilever Food Solutions this year, and am grateful to maintain strong ties with many former co-workers there.
  • Introducing a gifted textile artist Introducing a gifted textile artist Because we were both launching small businesses at the same time, my artist sister fast became a trusted sounding board—and a client, too. She loves boasting that a world-class business communicator developed the website for Studio Three 17. I love boasting about her beautiful work!
  • Branding & launching a new consultancy Branding & launching a new consultancy A former-boss-turned-forever-friend was also itching to start a small consulting firm. I worked with him and his business partner to name, brand, and launch herronpalmer. Having witnessed first-hand the passion and intelligence of these two professionals, I’m not at all surprised that their services are in high demand.
  • Compelling employees to share company stories Compelling employees to share company stories Imagine my delight when a global food & beverage company with some of the world’s most-recognized brands invited me into their employee communications team! The Sharons, who had been my teammates “back in the day” at Sears, asked me to help manage their employee ambassador program. We’re communicating internally, to help employees share the company’s stories externally, with emphasis on interpersonal communication and social media. And we even deliver the campaign with a sense of humor. How perfect is that?
  • Coaching a first-time author to publication Coaching a first-time author to publication While visiting over tea on a winter’s day, a woman I know from church said she might like to write a book. I said I might like to be her writing coach. A few months later, we made it happen. With a small, mighty team behind Deb Hornell, we wrote, edited, designed, and published Good Things for a Full Life, while at the same time reinventing her website and guiding her into social media, where she now works with ease to reach readers and build her consulting business.
  • Reaching new territories through networking Reaching new territories through networking My first author coaching project generated more than a book. Through networking, that one author has brought me three new clients (and counting, I hope). Thanks to Hornell Partners, I now provide one-on-one business writing instruction to a government affairs executive at John Deere; I’m helping a dynamic consultant reinvent her brand and her website; and I’m collaborating with a former company President & COO to write his first book.
  • Communicating an activist's mission to save lives Communicating an activist's mission to save lives Some of us are moved by challenges we see in the world; most of us don’t take much action. Rebecca Wear Robinson does. This extraordinary woman is determined to put an end to childhood drowning—not just in her neighborhood, or her state, or her country, but worldwide. I have been privileged to help Rebecca define her messages, refine her brand image, and map a plan for creating the change she envisions. Wow!
  • Building confidence in business writers Building confidence in business writers After 10 years of nudging, my dear friend Jill caught me at the perfect moment when she asked me to teach business writing at StoryStudio Chicago. What’s more, she and I are collaborating to grow our Words for Work program by invigorating the curriculum, reaching new clients, and expanding into new types of delivery. All of my work is fun and rewarding, but there is nothing like showing people their potential and watching their confidence grow. I love this!

While rediscovering the thrill and variety of entrepreneurial life, I have enjoyed seeing my kids off to school and achieving near-perfect attendance at their activities. I’ve written about 400 poems, joined my brother and sister in a monthly creativity dialogue we call the Sibling Discovery Project, and lent my voice and ideas to conversations on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, and Pinterest.

What a year! To those who have had any part in the return of Spencer Grace—whether as client, collaborator, or cheerleader—I say thank you. My network is wide and generous, and I am grateful.

And I am just getting started. So keep the creative challenges coming. I would be pleased to help you write, create, or communicate what it takes for your business to succeed. Let’s get started on the stories that will appear here next year …


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  1. Jill 11 years ago

    Congratulations to Beth!

    A well-deserved celebration for a year of wonderful achievement.

    We’re so glad you’ve joined the team at StoryStudio Chicago and look forward to many more years of working together to create a Communications Revolution!

  2. Kerry Atlas 11 years ago

    Congratulations on a great year Beth! Thanks for sharing your successes and experiences through your website. I’m so glad to see that your enthusiasm and creativity continues to grow and inspire others.

    All the best,

  3. Pattie Schiele 11 years ago

    Way to go, Beth! Congratulations on your one-year “re-anniversary” of Spencer Grace. I absolutely loved scrolling through your year of impressive highlights. Your passion and energy are so evident, as well as a welcome burst of innovation that can invigorate any company, organization or executive. Here’s to continued success, Beth. Your clients are quite fortunate to be partnering with such a talented professional communicator like you. You go, girl!

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