If you use email, I wish you all the best …

If you use email, I wish you all the best …
August 30, 2018 Beth Nyland

A rhyming blessing for everyone who uses email to get things done …

May your WiFi be strong and your inbox be light
May every address in the “to” field be right

May your subject be noticed
And your content be focused

May your words be retrieved
And your intentions received

May your hyperlinks click
And your unsubscribes stick

May your typos be rare
And attachments be there

May you avoid all-caps showdowns
And reply-to-all meltdowns

May you never fall prey to pfishing or fakes
May “out of office” give you a break

May everyone’s signature contain key details
May the quota gods free you from mailbox-full jail

When every last message goes out with a swish
May all your recipients respond as you wish

And when inbox zero is a game you have won
May you close down that app and do something fun


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