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Spencer Grace

Creativity + Communication = Business Superpowers



Pursue work with ingenuity and fresh perspective.

Creativity gives you and your business the power to reach new goals, outpace competition, and move beyond business as usual.



Craft and deliver messages that convey information and inspiration with impact, brevity, and humor.

Communication gives you and your business the power to move people, projects, and passions forward.


Grow your powers with guidance from Spencer Grace

Experienced Counsel

We guide evolutions and revolutions. Moving beyond your comfort zone to a new message, technology, market, or way of working? Blending ingenuity with rich change management experience, Spencer Grace can help you find a practical, innovative way to stretch forward. Leaders of all ages and career stages engage us as the advisor, mentor, and thought partner who bolsters creative courage and inspires bold action.

Inspiring Coach

We share our secrets. One-on-one, we guide people to speak and write with clarity and conviction, to succeed in new roles, to publish big ideas, and to produce killer resumés. Through workshops and ongoing collaboration with big and small groups, we inspire teams and whole enterprises to reach and exceed their ambitious goals through creativity and communication.

Expert Execution

We pitch in. Spencer Grace goes deep in the planning, creation, and delivery of messages for all media. A relentless advocate for your target audience, we flex our storytelling muscles to create stories that surprise and captivate even the most time-pressed, distracted humans. And our work catches eyes, marrying words, images, and format in combinations that capture and hold attention.

Beth Nyland is the Corporate Poet and Cutter of C.R.A.P.

Beth Nyland is the Corporate Poet and Cutter of C.R.A.P.* She refuses bland and boring. Her experience is proof that you can get amazing results by being creative and having fun. She shows her clients how to make things happen through storytelling, innovation, problem-solving, experimentation, and hefty helpings of poetic license. Working with individuals, teams, and whole organizations, she’s changing the world by stringing words and images into stories that motivate people to think, believe, and take action. That, friends, is how business gets done.

* C.R.A.P. stands for Corporate Rhetoric And Pomposity. Beth will help you obliterate it from your business vocabulary!


Beth is a creative communicator, leader, advisor, teacher, illustrator, designer, and entrepreneur. Working inside and alongside organizations great and small, she’s accumulated a wealth of experience in marketing and internal communications; branding and business development; writing and editing; illustrating and designing; and consulting, teaching, coaching, and mentoring.

She creates winning results by:

  • Reaching and involving people so they believe, understand, and do what’s needed for an organization to succeed.
  • Establishing trust as advisor and coach to executives, communicators, and cross-functional colleagues.
  • Informing and inspiring people as easily from the stage as on the page.
  • Formulating intelligent strategies based on solid understanding of reality.
  • Guiding leaders to deliver the right messages at the right time via the right channels.
  • Investing in building relationships and establishing networks of clients, colleagues, partners, and vendors who get results.
  • Achieving fast, effective results through smart use of funds, skills, and technology.

Beth’s career includes both agency and corporate experience. In addition to running Spencer Grace, she is co-founder of the imaginative Story Mode program.

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Spencer Grace is in Story Mode!


That’s our motto at Story Mode—a storytelling and creativity program that’s bringing pure freaking magic to business people worldwide. In Story Mode, even reluctant business people learn to tell creative business stories with confidence.

In Story Mode, you learn to:

  • tap into your innate storytelling abilities
  • test and trust your own creative processes
  • craft stories that motivate humans to think, believe, and take action

The Story Mode program is a co-production of Spencer Grace and StoryStudio Chicago—the brainchild of Beth Nyland and Jill Pollack, longtime friends and collaborators. Our clients are individuals, teams, and whole organizations. We work with people at all career stages, from interns to executives. And not just “creative” types. Though we do work with agencies, artists, and entrepreneurs, we achieve some of our best results in “conservative” workplaces. Banking, manufacturing, construction, engineering, consulting, academia, law … We’ve yet to enter a culture where Story Mode won’t click.

Our high-energy Workshops are equal parts education, inspiration, productivity, and team-building.

Our Story Whisperer Coaching lets individuals delve into specific challenges, one-on-one.

As Creative Advisors, we provide whatever strength and reinforcement our clients need.

In short, Story Mode goes beyond “training” and “consulting.” We lead clients to produce tangible results: business pitch, positioning statement, training program, marketing video, email campaign, social media calendar, manifesto. The story YOU need to tell.

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Expect results.

Tell Your Story

Just as a novel invites readers to turn pages, a persuasive story can move people in your business direction. Even if you’re not sure what your story is, Spencer Grace will help you discover it, and then help you tell your tale.

Attract Attention

Raise the visibility of your product or service—or even yourself. Whether you need a website, share-worthy blog posts, printed materials, content to publish on social media, or a kick-ass resumé, Spencer Grace will help you find and share the words.

Engage Employees

Whether business results are trending up or down, the most effective people are informed and involved. Spencer Grace communications provide the context and content people need to engage in even challenging changes.

Define Your Brand

From the start-up that needs a name, logo, and tagline to the mature company whose future depends on a reinvented identity, Spencer Grace helps articulate and express each brand’s personality and promise.

Advance Your Mission

For both internal and external audiences, we craft messages that compel people to think, believe, and act in ways that advance your mission.

Convert Leads to Sales

Spencer Grace helps business developers, entrepreneurs, and business innovators plan and prepare proposals, pitches, and presentations that get to “yes” with customers, investors, and internal approvers.

We make clients happy.

  • [Beth is] the whole package—fantastic writer, strategic, forward-thinking, and fun! I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.
  • Beth has a unique ability to make the complex seem very simple.
  • Working with Beth was a true joy. Her spirit and work ethic are second to none.
  • Beth is an energetic and effective communicator! She’s great to work with and brings many innovative ideas to make financial presentations interesting. It was a pleasure to work with Beth.
  • It was a great pleasure to work with Beth. She is a very talented professional who not only delivers great support on communications but also offers sound insight and advice on broader organizational and business issues.
  • [Beth Nyland] has a keen sense for navigating executive alignment and creating solutions that resonate with the target audience.

A few of our clients:

Aldridge Electric*
American Academy of Pediatrics*
Association for Accounting Marketing
Baker Tilly*
Bank of America*
BC Pensions*
Beam Suntory*
Catholic Extension*
Cheryl Levin-Folio
Chicago Ideas Week*
CME Group*
CNH Industrial*
College of DuPage*
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago*
Girls Who Code*
Goodwill Industries
Harman Industries
Health Care Service Corporation*
herronpalmer, LLC
Hoffmaster Electric
Hornell Partners, Inc.
IES Internships*
Ingram Micro
Jim Nyland Photography
John Deere
Kirkland & Ellis*
Lake Forest Library*
Lions Clubs International Foundation
Leo Burnett*
Literacy DuPage
Loyola University Chicago School of Law
Mattress Firm
MBX Systems
McDermott Will & Emery*
Midwestern University
MYR Group*
Nebraska Extension*
Northbrook Public Library*
Northwestern Mutual
PepsiCo, Inc
Per Sé Group
Regional Transportation Authority*
Restart Consulting
Schellman and Company*
Sears, Roebuck and Co.
Sheridan Park Consulting
Society of Actuaries*
Spinnaker DME
Sprig Studio
Studio Three 17
TKFay Consulting LLC
Unilever & Unilever Food Solutions
Vachio Solutions Group
Walsh Construction Group*
Young Nebraskans*
* Spencer Grace serves these clients in partnership
with StoryStudio Chicago and the Story Mode program

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